A Brief Introduction:

Her miniature winged butterfly lashes flutter at the gentle touch of the first beams of light trickling into the open window, followed by the caress of the long, gauzy curtain brushing against her bare ivory leg.

She awakens, and reality presses down on her chest like stone, holding her captive, leaving her clutching for air, bringing the tears.

His touch is no longer there. Once, it was both familiar, and all she needed to know. Now, she panics as she fears forgetting every detail of how it felt.

The tile floor is cool under her bare feet, the coffee hot against her palms. She chooses a long, off the shoulder sundress with a big, floppy hat and Jackie O sunglasses before she ventures out into the anonymity of the Mexican street market.

Maybe if she bought this pretty dress to wear
Maybe if she changed the color of her hair
Maybe he'd turn around and see her standing there and
Want her once again

Rondstadt and Russell simultaneously on her mind
Blue Bayou and Lady Blue on a constant rewind
Hoping to summon thoughts of a different kind
Soothe her hurting soul.

It's another soft Sonoran sunrise
illuminating the pain held deep within her eyes
The surf helps drown the echoes of his lies
in the soft Sonoran sunrise.