Dozens of folks would come to that old campground
bringing their tents, hauling their pop ups and
fifth wheels, driving in big rv rigs, staking out
their spot for the weekend. Set up on Friday night,
unload the gear, start the huge common campfire.
Late that evening, listen to the crickets, the stories,
the guitar picking, kick back with a glass of wine and
the best show of all, in the night sky. Tuck in the kids,
rid up the trash, voices getting softer now as the night
closes in. Sit up and shoot the breeze until you tire
of slapping skeeters,then it's off for a good night's sleep.
Wake up the camp to the scent of fresh campfire
and bacon sizzling in the skillet. Spend the day hiking
or swimming or just lying around. Big community
supper Saturday night, more stories, more songs, more
skeeters until the wee hours. One more big breakfast
Sunday morning, then it's pack it up, load it up,
say your goodbyes and start planning for next year.