It's okay if he's got demons,
I've had them too, in my past...
Now I have legions of angels
to slay them, but...

He must love Jesus
first and foremost
above all else.
This is non negotiable.

He must be creative,
a writer, a musician,
an artist who understands
the creative process.

He must be honest and
faithful. I've been too much
disrespected in the past,
I won't stand for any more.

He must be gentle and kind
with me and with others.
No more abuse--physical,
verbal, or emotional.

He must be tender hearted.
Unashamed of his own tears
flowing freely when he's touched
or deeply saddened. I admire that.

He must love me fully
as I've always wanted and
deserved to be loved, yet
never in my life known.

Is that really too much to ask?