How do you go from being so intimate
never being irritated by 2 am texts,
knowing each other's every move, being
so comfortable in someone's presence,
to uttering polite thank yous and
exchanging fake pleasantries as if you
never knew at all what we always had
for breakfast, and what time we both should
be home, and once things like that mattered
but now you couldn't care less at all? Where
does intimacy go when it dies? When you reach
that point when you suddenly, in seconds, don't
have it anymore, and you pass each other on the
street pretending not to see, not to notice, not to
recognize? One person takes it away, another is left
standing on shifting ground they never wanted to be on,
feeling like they stepped into a Dali painting,
their whole world dripping off their fingers
like quicksilver, trying to gather it up 
and failing.