Old man look at my life

I’m a lot like you were…

– Neil Young

Old men hold court
with eyes that glisten
telling tall tales
while young ones listen.

Old men hold out
cold Nehis in cherry
or maybe an orange
or even strawberry.

Old men hold wide
hands curled with age
to emphasize points
or demonstrate rage.

Old men hold up
grandchildren of four
making them giggle
like airplanes they soar.

Old men hold pieces
from games of chess
their furrowed brow thinking
beneath hair that's a mess.

Old men hold rods
and teach how to cast
how to bait hooks
and make worms last.

Old men hold knives
as they whittle a stick
and teach basic carving
gentle touch is the trick.

Old men hold court
in caskets of wood
they'd teach one more thing
if only they could.