Isn't it amazing how forty-five plus
years just melts away in an instant
and suddenly we're teenage kids again,
with huge crushes on each other
that never went away, and grew quickly
into love. By the time I knew what it was
you were gone, and I tried to move on
with my life, never once realizing
you too thought I didn't care.
I thought I loved others, I tried 
to love others, but it was just
never there. I couldn't give someone
a heart I no longer had, a heart
I'd given to that teenage boy
the first time he smiled at me.
Love is not how you feel. Feelings
come and go, feelings change, 
they go away. Love is a choice, 
when you look at someone and
choose them, choose to give your
heart to them, choose them every
day. I made that choice as a teenage
girl. I chose you. I've chosen you
every day of my life since, and today
I still choose you. I will always
choose you every day I have left.
And now here you are, my heart still
with you, and I don't have to try
to feel something I didn't choose anymore.