It isn't hard to please me
I'm a simple kinda girl
You needn't buy me diamonds
Nor a single pretty pearl

I don't need fancy dinners
or pricey picture shows.
Save your money on the bouquets
I don't need one single rose.

New cars don't impress me
nor will fancy real estate.
I'll tell you what to do
if it's me you want to date.

Take me for a Sunday drive
past fields of golden maize.
Build a roaring campfire.
Hold me in the smoky haze.

Take me on the fishing boat
I'll pretend to read a book.
But I'm really sneaking glances
while you smile and bait a hook.

Melt my heart in other ways,
wild flowers by surprise.
Picked along the roadside
to match my deep blue eyes.

No I'm not high maintenance,
not a lot you must invest.
Just time and imagination.
Simple things will please me best.