"What can I do for you?" she asked
with her best doctor's smile...
"You can give me my life back".
I'd never been the least bit unnerved
until the moment I stepped into
her waiting room for the first time.
Cancer? Yeah, no sweat. I'll kick it
in the ass, just as I do anything else
that gets in my way. Ain't nothin' but
a thing, baby! I felt perfectly healthy,
despite all the poking, prodding and surgery
I'd had of late. Ain't nothin' but a thing... 
It will give you pause, though, this place,
beginning with the lettering on the glass
as you reach for the door: "Oncology"...
inside are women sporting walkers and turbans,
sickly pallors and resigned-to-death smiles.
Racks full of brochures for those entering
the final stages of their lives. Hushed
atmosphere as if the deathbed vigils
had already begun. You begin to wonder
if you're looking into your own future...