“I wanna hold you high and steal your pain” ~Seether/Amy Lee

Each time I look at you
I picture myself reaching out
to touch your face, tracing the lines
of your strong chin, stroking
your hair as if it were spun
from the finest, most precious metal.
I could get lost in those dark eyes
full of strength, love, and pain.
I only know what you want me to know
about the depths of that pain,
you don't want to hurt me with
harsh realities you say I can do
nothing about. I love you for that, yet
what could hurt worse than decades
of believing the most malicious
of lies, only to find out the truth
and the pain deepens to know
how many precious years were wasted
that should have been different
for us both. It is my fondest hope now
the moment I look into those beautiful
eyes and brush my thumb lightly
across your lips, that they will open
and the floodgates will break, spilling
out pain both old and new in waves.
I love you forever, my rockstar,
my faith warrior,
my only love...