I'm an enigma of a woman
you'll never understand.
I love Led Zeppelin
but also big band.
When Harrison sings "Something"
I'm weak at the knees -
my favorite love song
hits my ears like a breeze.
But by the same token
I like guy stuff as well.
Classic cars and football
games where I can yell.
Hockey from Chicago,
racing from the south,
I'll cheer them all on
with my unladylike mouth.
Then I'll go shopping
for pearls and for lace,
high heels and tight skirts
worn with elegance and grace.
Bangles for my wrists,
hats with wide brims,
lipstick in red,
fancy fringe trims.
When I get home
it all hits the floor.
I want jeans and tank tops
and bare feet, nothing more.
Tend to the garden,
sit in the porch swing,
lilac and honeysuckle
birds on the wing.
Streak down the highway
at one hundred and ten,
singing loud with the stereo
back on the road again.
Yes, figuring me out
will prove quite the chore.
You may get frustrated
but you'll never be bored.