She was everything I wasn't,
my Martha Janene.
She was always kinda sweet
I was always kinda mean.

She was tall and heavy,
I was short and thin.
She got her feelings hurt easily,
I always took it on the chin.

She fiercely loved all her husbands,
I just pretended to love mine.
She wanted more than her six children,
my three suited me just fine.

Yet despite our differences
we were still much alike.
We loved to get together
and tell the guys to take a hike.

Movies and pizza on the sofa,
sweet tea by the jar,
or maybe a nice glass of wine
at our favorite bar.

We could talk for hours
about anything at all.
The middle of the night
wasn't a bad time to call.

We were there for each other
no matter what was going on.
A gravely ill child
or another husband gone.

Didn't matter living close
or separated many miles,
a visit or a phone call
brought the same amount of smiles.

Wish that I could call and tell her
about my life these days.
Pretty sure she'd flip out with me
and be totally amazed.

Always thought that I'd go first
and she could love me to the end,
but she's gone on before me.
I'm left missing my best friend.