Today I went through my contacts
and deleted other men's names.
They meant nothing to me anyway-
My cellular black book of games.

Today I went through text messages
and deleted ones from before.
I'd been too lazy to do it,
but today I showed them the door.

Today I threw away roses 
from a bouquet received last fall.
They don't mean much when they come 
from the biggest jerk of them all.

Today I threw away trinkets
more like trophies than treasures.
I've forgotten the names of the givers
and their gifts no longer bring pleasures.

Today once again I framed you
and placed you next to my bed.
I'll see you there every evening
as the pillow cradles my head.

Today once again there's evidence
you're back in your rightful place.
You've always been in my heart
and usually been in my space.

Today I'm making a promise
I'll live up to every day-
Your picture will stay there forever.
Nevermore will I put it away.