“Beer drinkers…and hell raisers, yeah…uh huh…baby don’t you wanna come with me?” – ZZ Top

I never used to miss
Friday or Saturday night
at the bar. Wednesday too -
"Ladies Night", yanno.
I smoked, drank a bit,
cussed, and played pool
with a Kool menthol lit
and hanging from my lips.
I danced, with girls, mostly,
because the guys wouldn't
dance, weaving our way
through the smoke clouds
as the cover band wailed
Van Halen and the Stones.
Got in a fight or two, 
tried to break up
a few others. You forget
you're five foot nothing
and eighty five pounds
soaking wet after a few
Miller High Lifes. 
Marriage and motherhood
changed things, for a while.
The kids got older, I went
back now and again
for a night out with
the girls. It wasn't
the same anymore, made me
wonder why I ever enjoyed
all that nonsense. Did I
grow up? Or did I just
get old?