If reincarnation were real
I'd find you again.
I'd fall in love with you 
at fourteen again.
I'd be smart enough to know
a lie from the truth.
I'd be strong enough to face
all my childhood fears.
I'd be brave enough to fight
whatever I had to, including myself...
and I wouldn't just love you
I'd choose you.
Every day of my life
I'd choose you.
I'd choose your children to be mine
to read Where The Wild Things Are,
while I snuggled them on my lap.
I'd watch with so much love
and gratitude as you taught our children
how to ride a bike, and
how to drive a car.
I'd choose you on your bad days
when you were a little harder to love.
I'd choose you at a time
I'd spend kneeling at your bedside
in a cold, dark hospital room
begging God to grant me
more days on earth to choose you.
I'd choose you every night
watching you sleep peacefully.
I'd choose you every morning
over coffee and cream.
I'd choose you when we had steak,
but I'd still choose you
when all we had were ramen noodles.
I'd choose you to help me hold
our first grandchild together.
I'd choose you to hold hands with
and walk from our teens to old age.
But reincarnation isn't real
so all I can do is choose you now.
Every day, I choose you now
for whatever that might mean,
for all the days and nights I have left.
I don't just love you...I choose you.